Municipal Development Plan

“León Into the Future, Vision 2040.”

Plan Municipal de Desarrollo
León hacia el futuro

Visión 2040

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) “León Into the Future, Vision 2040,” was based on the creation of a consensus regarding themes and initiatives with profound effects on the desired development of the city, on which IMPLAN must focus its attention in order to guide León in the building of a better future.

Download the Municipal Development Plannning “León Into the Future, Vision 2040"

In IMPLAN we have prepared studies, plans, programs and proposals for legal, regulatory and standardizing instruments which have broadened knowledge of our city and created the foundations for decision-making and positioning the comprehensive development of our municipality.

In these exercises of analysis and comprehensive planning, we have enjoyed the cooperation of educational institutions, research centers, consultants and experts, who have expanded our knowledge and suggested alternative solutions for our city.

Planeación IntegralTalleres de BarriosEjercicios de Análisis

Public consultation exercises and social participation for the views and proposals of residents were conducted through workshops with 34 settlers committees and representatives of rural delegations, polygons poverty, with children, youth and seniors.

• 1,500 people in 34 workshops Committees Settlers, Rural delegations, in public spaces and parks poverty.

• 1,800 children, youth and seniors.

• 7 consultation exercises and 7 sessions in strategic planning commissions with the participation of citizens involved in the sector specialists and senior public policy makers.

• 4,366 participants in the Consultation.

Participación de Niños
Participación de jóvenes
Participación de Niños


Una participación aproximada de 1,500 ciudadanos