The Villa de León, as it was initially called, was founded on January 20, 1576, and received the title of city in 1826.

The city of León is located in the center of Mexico, in the state of Guanajuato, at 1,798 meters above mean sea level.

It is located in northwestern Guanajuato. It is bordered by the city of San Felipe to the north; by Guanajuato and Silao to the east; by Purísima, Lagos de Moreno and Unión de San Antonio to the west; and by Silao, Romita and San Francisco del Rincón to the south.

By 1880 León had developed an important craftwork industry. The traditions of manufacturing certain types of crafts were focused on different neighborhoods; the Barrio Arriba was dedicated to the manufacture of shoes and leather goods; Coecillo to metalworking, making shawls and some shoemaking as well; and San Miguel to making shawls and other textile goods.

Arco de la Calzada
Palacio Municipal
Miguel Alemán

Besides agriculture and the growth in local trade, important buildings such as the Manuel Doblado Theater were constructed at this time; the city also had infrastructure such as railroads, electricity and a telegraph office.

This development faded when the Los Gómez river flooded; over 40 percent of the houses and buildings were destroyed, causing poverty and the migration of thousands of inhabitants.

Over the years, gave way to progress and prosperity, becoming an economic and industrial center, services, tourism and business, suitable for the development of national and international events.

With its leather-footwear industry, the city of León is known as "The Capital of Shoes." Currently, Leon has several spaces for recreation, culture and entertainment. 

Other sites to visit:

  • Pedestrian Zone (Downtown)
  • Leather Zone
  • The León Metropolitan Cathedral
  • Expiatory Church
  • Manuel Doblado Theater
  • Poliforum León
  • Guanajuato Forum Cultural
  • León Zoo
  • Metropolitano Park of León
  • Science Centre and Explora Park
  • Shopping Center Plaza Mayor
  • Shopping Center Altacia
  • Factory Outlet
  • Barrio Arriba
  • Barrio of Coecillo
  • Barrio of San Miguel
  • Barrio San Juan de Dios

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