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Fundación de León


Inundación de 1946

The city of Leon is located in the center of Mexico, in the sate of Guanajuato, at 1,798 meters above mean sea level.

It is located in the North-West Guanajuato. It is boarded by San Felipe to the north; Guanajuato and Silao to the east; Purisima, Lagos de Moreno and La Union de San Antonio to the west; and Silao, Romita and San Francisco del Rincon to the south.

By 1880 Leon had developed an important craftwork industry. The tradition of making certain crafts came together in different areas; “Barrio Arriba” was dedicated to the making of shoes and leather goods; “Coecillo” to the forge, the craft of making shawls and some of the shoe making too; and “San Miguel” to the making of shawls and other textile goods.

Besides agriculture and local trade growth, important buildings as the Theater Manuel Doblado were constructed; the city also had infrastructure such as railroad, electricity and  telegraph office.

This development faded with Los Gomez river overflowing; over 40% of the houses and buildings were destroyed, causing poverty and the migration of thousands of inhabitants.

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